A Primeira Palavra

“Jair Bortoleto is a surfer who has grown to express his surf passion by visually recording and offering us graphic components that in tiny slices, describe the whole of surfing: crafting the boards they ride, the search for new waves to experience, progressions of various techniques, variations of settings, expressions and behaviors of our human sub-species. Jair’s images portray the art of his subject’s dance; creating them becomes as engrossing as his subject matter. Seen by a fellow surfer, they encompass a complete understanding of what it means and how it happens. Beyond that, as does the riding of waves itself, each of his efforts pursues an endless continuum of subject matter that furthers our understanding of ourselves, and of the variations of life on our particular sphere of matter, alive within the heat of our sun.” – Steve Pezman

Edited, Printed and Published in Italy, 2018 by Bandecchi & Vivaldi.